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    1. At CES 2012, we creatively used our Lenovo DO Devils as human taxi-toppers to capitalize on the Las Vegas Convention Center's lengthy traffic lines and break through the sensory overload in a crowded city that's seen it all.
      In Brands Without Borders
    2. It felt like Twitter had come to life, and it felt like Twitter had come to life in Las Vegas, which is already a surreal experience.
      In Special Report: The 2017 B-to-B Dream Team
    3. The visuals at Marquee can be seen from three different viewing zones: the dance floor, the VIP tables, and the balcony. "The dance floor completely immerses the viewer in a strong presentation of lighting and visuals, which literally drop onto your head, says Lieberman, a veteran designer on the Las Vegas club scene.
      In Las Vegas, Are You Ready? The Marquee Club, Part 3: The Video And Content