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    1. You will see the Charging Valet all over the country at conferences and events of all types. It’s an incredible way to maximize attendee engagement with your brand and increase social media impressions and your event’s digital reach.
      In VDA's Award-Winning Charging Valet Lights Up The Show Floor
    2. What better way to increase media impressions for an event than to create an environment and invite everyone!
      In VDA Productions Takes Gold from Event Design Awards 2014 for the Social Lounge
    3. We are focused on investing in top talent to extend our agency's leadership position. This continued investment is critical in a market that is undergoing rapid changes driven by the strong interest for live event experiences, products and services across all sectors.
      In VDA Productions Expands Sales Department with Socially Savvy Sae - The Providence Journal
    4. VDA Productions is known nationally and internationally as an award-winning agency on so many levels.
      In VDA Productions Celebrates Award-Winning Designs and Award-Winning Team
    5. For the majority of our clients, it's about having access to live feedback from attendees as they engage with product and services.
      In VDA Productions Adds Another Win to 2013 with Event Design Awards for The Media Hub at EMC World, 2013
    6. The Charging Valet is a game-changer for the events industry.
      In VDA Productions Wins Gala Award at The Special Event 2013 For Charging Valet
    7. Our goal, in addition to putting together a team of responsive sales executives, is to have true subject matter experts that can be consultants to our clients.
      In Matthew Straub, Sales Account Executive Joins VDA Productions
    8. We are very excited to have Debra as a guest blogger.
      In VDA Productions Announces Dates for Highly Anticipated Guest Blogger, Debra Roth, Creative-Director-To-Go / Experience Designer
    9. Susan's new role recognizes her huge impact on MPI New England.
      In VDA Productions Represented by Susan Prue on MPI New England 2012-2013 Board of Directors
    10. The days of the laptop are disappearing, and we (VDA) are answering the call of our clients to provide them with a mobile site that meets their need for convenient access to information anywhere, at any time, through a mobile device.
      In VDA Productions Launches New Mobile Website