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    2. VDA Productions to Host Annual Boston Design Week Session

      VDA Productions to Host Annual Boston Design Week Session
      BOSTON,March 3, 2016/PRNewswire/ --VDA Productions, the premier provider of 3D marketing experiences and design solutions that bring brands to life forCorporate Meetings,Tradeshows,Themed Events,Exhibits, Themed Retail EnvironmentsandCorporate Facilities, has once again been asked to host an event forBoston Design Week 2016;Execution Isn't Everything: The Importance of Experiential Event Branding,April 7from 4:30 6PMat VDA headquarters, 63 Inner Belt Road,Somerville MA. "Experiential marketing ...
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    1. In a trade show setting, companies are challenged with creating inviting experiences to draw attendees to their booths. A unique experience is necessary, but it must reflect the event theme and maintain consistency with the brand's overall message.
      In VDA Productions and HB Agency Blend Technology and Creative to Deliver Engaging Trade Show Experience to 14,000+ Attendees at Las Vegas Event
    2. There are so many touch points for both the sponsoring companies and the attendees at an event of this scale. Building relationships and connecting attendees with the brand are paramount.
      In VDA Productions and HB Agency Complete Fully Integrated Trade Show in Las Vegas for 14,000+ Attendees