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  2. About IACC

    IACC is a community of passionate people and organizations delivering innovative and exceptional meeting experiences.

    The International Association of Conference Centres is the thought leader on the meeting experience. IACC represents its members by defining and promoting the IACC Meeting Concept and providing learning opportunities.

  3. Quotes about IACC

    1. One of our top priorities at MPI is to continuously enrich our portfolio of professional development offerings, and this collaboration with IACC will certainly help us deliver more value to our membership community.
      In MPI Announces Risk Management Certificate and New IACC Alliance
    2. The appointment of Mark Cooper as CEO greatly enhances our global ability to provide a more effective interface among the IACC chapters, their boards of directors, staff, members and stakeholders to continue to increase global awareness of the IACC meeting experience.
      In IACC Names New CEO
    3. IACC looks to lighten the burden of educational costs for the winner of this award and to further expand knowledge of the conference center concept to all students and academic institutions.
      In IACC-Americas Offers Hospitality Scholarship