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    EXHIBITOR magazine is the undisputed authority in all aspects of trade show and event marketing. Our mission is to provide exhibit and event marketing professionals with the tools and education to produce high performance programs with measurable results. 

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    1. We do not see the cancellation of Event UK having a massive impact on Event Production Show visitor and exhibitor numbers as we typically attract exhibitors involved in the production of live events, rather than venues as Event UK did. It is sad to see the cancellation of any show in this sector, but I'm sure the development will result in a strengthening of International Confex, as its organisers have indicated.
      In Event Production Show won't gain from Event UK's demise, says organiser
    2. Providing an outstanding experience for the exhibitor and show organizer is really what drives us at Freeman.
      In Freeman officially announces acquisition of Champion and George Fern
    3. The real value of this event is to recognize that all of us, no matter whether we are event organizers, facility management, general service contractors, exhibit designers and producers, organized labor, event marketers or exhibitor appointed contractors, live in the same very connected eco-system.
      In Exhibition Leaders Meet for All-Industry Summit