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    A digital system uses discrete (that is, discontinuous) values to represent information for input, processing, transmission, storage, etc. By contrast, non-digital (or analog) systems use a continuous range of values to represent information. Although digital representations are discrete, the information represented can be either discrete, such as numbers, letters or icons, or continuous, such as sounds, images, and other measurements of continuous systems.

    The word digital comes from the same source as the word digit and digitus (the Latin word for finger), as fingers are used for discrete counting.

    The word digital is most commonly used in computing and electronics, especially where real-world information is converted to binary numeric form as in digital audio and digital photography. Such data-carrying signals carry electronic or optical pulses, the amplitude of each of which represents a logical 1 (pulse present and/or high) or a logical 0 (pulse absent and/or low).

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    1. Digital Illusions is a boutique company. This means that when you talk about content you are doing so with the person who is actually creating it or will be helping your team produce it.  When you talk about the technical side, that person not only works through the design process with you and your team, providing CAD drawings, but also is on location working on the project. Everyone who works at Digital Illusions is also a technician who does installations. We believe you can't honestly talk to a client about something unless you yourself have done it.
      In Digital Illusions Awarded Musion United States Holographic Reseller of the ...
    2. It's an exciting opportunity to increase awareness of the [Nightclub & Bar] brand, and increase traffic to Web sites and digital properties. We're very proud of that.
      In Nightclub & Bar Show Adds New Hospitality Sports Marketing Education Track [las Vegas]
    3. We had to buy out the seats for two performances, take out the seats, so that we could install our projection booth. I will say it's the only booth of its kind ever that showcases 10 digital projectors in one location at the same time and is representative of the four different digital manufacturers.
      In ShoWest Relaunches as CinemaCon, With First-of-Its-Kind Projection Booth at Caesars [las Vegas]