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    CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketer) is the only university-affiliated professional certification program in the exhibit marketing industry. First and foremost the CTSM program trains candidates in trade show and event marketing. Candidates are required to complete a curriculum of 28 sessions which equals 42 hours of classroom study. These sessions are offered at EXHIBITOR2012 and EXHIBITORFastTrak conferences, and online through EXHIBITOR eTrak. Upon completion, candidates earn 4 CEUs through our university affiliate, Northern Illinois University Outreach.

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    1. We are pleased to make it possible for these CTSM candidates to join us in Las Vegas.
      In EXHIBITOR2013 Selects 25 Recipients for CTSM Scholarships
    2. To earn the CTSM designation, candidates must complete a curriculum of 23 required and five elective seminars, totaling 42 hours of classroom training.
      In 46 Earn CTSM Certification at EXHIBITOR2013
    3. Getting my CTSM was a long and arduous process, working full-time in the trade show industry and travel schedule, but it was more than well worth it.
      In Mary P. Mikels Earns Exhibitor's Certified Trade Show Marketer Designation