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    The Convention Liaison Council was founded in 1949 by four organizations to facilitate the exchange of information within the meetings, conventions, and exhibitions industry. Now the Convention Industry Council, the organization has grown to include 31 member organizations.

    CIC's members represent more than 103,500 individuals and 19,500 firms and properties involved in the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry. CIC offers many tools and programs designed to support the industry and meet its challenges; facilitate the exchange of information and ideas; and educate the public on its profound economic impact. Some of the ways the CIC achieves these goals are by:

  3. Quotes about Convention Industry Council

    1. Data from the Convention Industry Council points out that meetings support more jobs than the computer, trucking, broadcast, and telecommunications industries
      In Guest Column: 3 Ways You Can Support the Event Industry Today
    2. The Convention Industry Council and board of directors worked together to formulate a series of exciting action plans to translate our strategic vision into reality, befitting the strength that comes from the collaboration of all of our members from every segment of the meetings industry.
      In CIC Approves New Strategic Plan Focusing on Advocacy, Professional Practices