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    CEIR has been highlighting the importance of exhibitions in today's business environment. Our goal is to promote the image, value and growth of exhibitions. This is accomplished through producing primary research studies that prove the effectiveness and efficiency of exhibitions as a marketing medium. We then incorporate those findings within a targeted, ongoing promotional campaign.

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    1. We had high expectations for the first CEIR Predict, and by all accounts from attendees, we met those expectations. Based on feedback from the CEIR Board of Directors, the first year was a success, and I am excited they plan to repeat the event in 2012.
      In CEIR Predict Conference Signals Positive Days Ahead for Exhibition Industry
    2. In today's economy, we need to invest in resources to address our industry's greatest challenges. The CEIR Index is the ideal platform because it transcends the industry and allows all sectors to be viewed both individually and collectively.
      In CEIR Announces Fundraising Initiative to Ensure Future of CEIR Index
    3. CEIR's Predict Conference has become an event that exhibition industry executives know they can count upon for their short- and long-term strategic planning.
      In CEIR's Annual Exhibition Industry Outlook Conference Features New Format