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    1. Why Every Meeting Needs a Good Old Mud Pie

      Explore Meetings Net (Jun 3 2016)

      ...ve a positive impact on the community and the environment. If you have the time and resources, write your own RFP and use your imagination to come up with something that will be totally new and impactful for your group a... (Read Full Article)

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    2. Meetings Mean Business Coalition Hires PR Firm to Create Messaging Campaign

      Explore Meetings Net (Oct 28 2013)

      ...he campaign, or at least part of it, at PCMA’s Convening Leaders meeting in Boston, January 12–15, 2014, says PCMA President and CEO Deborah Sexton, who is a member of the Meetings Mean Business Coalition. “It’s on the f... (Read Full Article)

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    3. Industry Advocacy Campaigns Launching on Several Fronts

      Explore Meetings Net (Jul 1 2013)

      Industry Advocacy Campaigns Launching on Several Fronts ...m her association and others has been allocated to a public relations campaign and that the coalitionisin the RFP process to hire a communications company. “We do a great job of talking to ourselves. But we do have group... (Read Full Article)

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    4. 2013 Changemakers

      Explore Meetings Net (May 22 2013)

      2013 Changemakers ...evelop the skill sets that I never knew I always wanted.” KUDOS: Schilt was just named a 2013 Pacesetter by PCMA, an award established last year to salute emerging leaders and industry supporters. ADVICE: “Get inv... (Read Full Article)

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    5. 6 Steps for a Successful International Meeting

      Explore Successful Meetings (Apr 30 2013)

      ...; Luski even uses his own model agreement to send to potential hotel suppliers instead of submitting a formal RFP so he receives all of the information he needs. Alten has even gone so far as to email a property, asking ... (Read Full Article)

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    6. 4th Annual Las Vegas Leadership Roundtable

      Explore Successful Meetings (Nov 1 2012)

      ...we're trying to educate the planner to say: Can we start with an RFI [Request for Information] rather than an RFP? So if you're looking at six different destinations and five hotels, can you just do rates, dates, and spa... (Read Full Article)

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    7. Labor Disputes Heat Up in Southern California

      Explore Meetings And Conventions (Aug 12 2009)

      ...rship, voted unanimously to reopen merger talks with NBTA, at which point PCMA made its decision. Brad Lewis, PCMA's vice president of marketing and communications, told M&C, "We felt that if [talks between ACTE and NBTA... (Read Full Article)

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