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    1. 3 reasons why your RFPs go unanswered

      Explore Plan Your Meetings (Aug 19 2016)

      3 reasons why your RFPs go unanswered ...Austin cited three main reasons why salespeople either respond or relegate your RFP to the junk pile. When an RFP comes in with a 24-hour deadline, hotel sales reps struggle with unsavory options. If they meet the deadli... (Read Full Article)

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    2. 10 Insights for Improving the RFP Process

      Explore Meetings Net (Aug 17 2016)

      10 Insights for Improving the RFP Process ...s to respond, and we appreciate that. What we don’t appreciate are questions that are clearly answered in the RFP. 3. Planners… When trying to select your city and/or venue, contact the local convention and visitors bure... (Read Full Article)

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    3. The fastest way to save time and money

      Explore Plan Your Meetings (Aug 16 2016)

      The fastest way to save time and money ...ied, “nothing,” the planner was astonished. “I don’t think I need a third-party planner,” she said. “I need a CVB.” If you need expert assistance negotiating contracts or finding sites, hiring a third-party planner might... (Read Full Article)

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    4. The Language of an Event Planner

      Explore | mastertheevent.com (Jun 21 2016)

      The Language of an Event Planner ...y dandy glossary chock filled with some of the latest and greatest industry terms. Wonder what a Lanyard or a CVB is? Then check it out. The glossary is a great tool and was created to help us all. Our glossary continues... (Read Full Article)

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    5. Event planning checklists, online RFP creation, avoiding audiovisual surprises

      Explore Meetingspodcast.com (Apr 18 2014)

      ...idering.  Key conversations with your CVB experts up front which educate you about how to best construct your RFP for favorable responses. If you’d like to know more about what information to include in your RFP and how... (Read Full Article)

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    6. 6 Steps for a Successful International Meeting

      Explore Successful Meetings (Apr 30 2013)

      ...ften will - go wrong. In the event that something does go haywire, however, the strength of your supplier and CVB relationships will be immeasurably valuable. For a meeting that Alten organized for her medical associatio... (Read Full Article)

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