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    1. How Much Do Planners Make? More If They Have Their CMP

      The Professional Convention Management Association’s annual salary survey shows a widening salary gap between those meeting professionals who have their Certified Meeting Professional designation and those who don’t. The average salary of meeting professionals with a CMP in 2011 was $76,225, while those without a CMP earned $65,609, according to PCMA data. The salary for meeting professionals without a CMP actually went down, on average, in 2011. In 2010, planners without the designation earned
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    2. Maximize Your Meetings' Educational Impact

      There are different styles and preferences in learning, but individuals can’t necessarily be pigeonholed into one style or another. To maximize the educational impact of your meetings, you need to understand how attendees learn within different aspects of a meeting, said Lee Schmucker, president, Schmucker Training and Consulting, Wichita, Kan., speaking at the 40th annual RCMA World Conference & Expo in Kansas City in January. “When analyzing learning styles, you have to look at three different
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    3. Commentary: A Price Tag on Knowledge—When Does It Defeat the Purpose?

      The decision by Meeting Professionals International to attach a non-member fee to the sustainability report on its 2011 World Education Congress has received pushback that points to a dilemma facing many associations: how and whether to charge for strategic knowledge that might deliver better results if it circulated free. “Who would have thought that sustainability reports would become a new revenue stream?” asked consultant Elaine Cohen in a May 5 post on Sustainable Business Forum. Cohen chal
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    4. 8 Things You Need to Know About iPads and Meetings

      Tablets drive about one-third of all mobile traffic today. And as of last August, the iPad accounted for 97 percent of all the tablet traffic in the U.S. It’s time to start considering where the iPad fits at meetings and events. Here are eight things to know. 1. The first-generation iPad works as a presentation machine. If you or your presenters are using a first-generation iPad, you will need a presentation app to push your content to a projection screen or other external display. Some of these
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    5. Pennsylvania Convention Center Eliminates Labor Management Fee

      The Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority and its labor supplier, Elliott Lewis Corp., have agreed to eliminate the 8 percent labor management fee that has been charged to customers and exhibitors for supplying unionized labor services at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The change is effective July 1, 2012. The elimination of the 8 percent fee is an initial step in the transition to a new business model that will assist in lowering labor costs and attract new business to t
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    6. MPI’s WEC Announces Keynoters

      Apr 4, 2012 2:13 PM, By Dave Kovaleski “Meeting professionals are architects of human connections,” says Bruce MacMillan, president and chief executive officer at Meeting Professionals International. So, MPI’s 2012 World Education Conference, July 28–31 in St. Louis, will be all about providing opportunities for attendees to create the connections that will propel their organzations to success. Two keynote speakers will deliver distinct perspectives on designing hum
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    7. Creative Menu Planning on a Budget

      Slashed food and beverage budgets have been a fact of life for meeting planners in recent years, but just because you need to save money on meals doesn’t necessarily mean you have to skimp on menus. In a session called “Menu Planning on a Tight Budget” at the 40th Annual Religious Conference Management Association’s World Conference and Exposition, presenter Chris Freeman, convention sales manager at Kansas City Catering, offered some money-saving tips. (Kansas City Catering is the food and beve
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