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    1. Global Meetings Checklist: Ground Transportation

      These questions will help you choose a reliable ground transportation provider outside the U.S.: 1. Has the provider carried out site inspections with each of its local franchises or subcontractors? 2. Does the provider have formal contracts with local providers that include service standards and require background checks? Request copies of those contracts. 3. How long has your ground transportation vendor been working in your meeting market? Verify that your vendor is actually “international” b
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    2. Global Meetings and Money Matters: From VAT to Exchange Rates

      1. Consider a Forward Contract To manage the uncertainty of exchange rates, especially with the financial volatility in Europe these days, consider using a forward contract. To do this, you work with your bank or a reputable participant in the foreign exchange (forex) market, and agree to buy a certain amount of a foreign currency at the exchange rate currently prevailing. If the rate goes up by the time you buy the currency (usually six to 12 months later), you’ve successfully managed that risk
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    3. Global Meeting Preparedness: How to Keep Tabs on Strikes in Europe

      If you’ve spent any time in Italy, you know that transportation strikes are not uncommon. They’re so much a part of the culture, in fact, that an official Web site (in Italian) tracks and announces them well in advance. Working with a local destination management company or professional congress organizer to be informed of planned strikes is a regular piece of due diligence for any program in Italy. With nine E.U. countries in recession at press time, however, the potential for strikes elsewhere
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    4. Exhibitors Challenged to Show ROI, Says ECEF Panel

      As companies cut back on marketing budgets in these still uncertain economic times, marketers face increasing pressure to justify their investment in exhibitions as well as other vehicles, explained a panel of experts at the Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum, May 30 in Washington, D.C. The session, “The Value of Face-to-Face Marketing,” was streamed live to an online audience, a first for ECEF. Panelist Bob Liodice, president and CEO at the Association of National Advertisers, New York,
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    5. How Much Do Planners Make? More If They Have Their CMP

      The Professional Convention Management Association’s annual salary survey shows a widening salary gap between those meeting professionals who have their Certified Meeting Professional designation and those who don’t. The average salary of meeting professionals with a CMP in 2011 was $76,225, while those without a CMP earned $65,609, according to PCMA data. The salary for meeting professionals without a CMP actually went down, on average, in 2011. In 2010, planners without the designation earned
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    6. Maximize Your Meetings' Educational Impact

      There are different styles and preferences in learning, but individuals can’t necessarily be pigeonholed into one style or another. To maximize the educational impact of your meetings, you need to understand how attendees learn within different aspects of a meeting, said Lee Schmucker, president, Schmucker Training and Consulting, Wichita, Kan., speaking at the 40th annual RCMA World Conference & Expo in Kansas City in January. “When analyzing learning styles, you have to look at three different
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