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    1. Harnessing Intangible SMM Outcomes

      Harnessing Intangible SMM Outcomes

      When strategic meetings management first came on the scene almost 20 years ago, the main focus was controlling spend and mitigating contractual risk, which produce very tangible and very important results. Over the past few years, I have observed that the drivers of SMM have be transforming and that organizations are also now focusing their SMM approach on intangible outcomes, such as consistency in branding, a centralized corporate calendar, and an improved user experience, among others.

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    2. Pharma Meeting Planners: Show Me the Data

      Pharma Meeting Planners: Show Me the Data

      Get a bunch of meeting planners in a room, and the conversation quickly gets down to the nitty-gritty details. Get a bunch of life sciences meeting professionals in a room, and that conversation goes to a whole new level of granularity.

      While the minutiae may be mind boggling to the uninitiated—does it really matter how you split up the cost among riders on that airport shuttle, or whether you include a bartender fee in the cost of a meal?—it’s essential that planners who live in the pharma and life sciences world have a process for collecting, tracking ...

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    3. The Value of Experiential Event Design

      The Value of Experiential Event Design

      It seems that over the last couple of years, our industry’s trends and buzzwords have frequently reflected the popularity of incorporating interactive elements into event design. Long before our industry’s trade shows, educational events, and news publications started focusing on this, many of us were already racking up success stories driven by effective experiential event design.

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    4. Adventures in Conferencing: Why You Should Let Loose Your Inner Themer

      Adventures in Conferencing: Why You Should Let Loose Your Inner Themer

      Over the last 12 years, I’ve spoken at somewhere north of 500 conferences. With that many under my belt, it’s natural that some are more memorable than others. For example, I remember the one that was cancelled due to riots—but mostly because I promised my wife a long time ago that I would stop participating in riots. I also remember the time I arrived to the Austin airport at 4 a.m. after six hours of plane delays and managed to catch 45 minutes of sleep before my morning keynote.

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    5. PCMA Honors 2017 Visionary Award Winners

      Martin Balogh, Carol Krugman, and Barry Smith were in the spotlight at the Professional Convention Management Association Education Foundation’s red-carpet event at the Marriott Marquis Washington, D.C. this week. More than 1,000 people gathered to see Balogh, associate executive director, meetings and travel group, American Bar Association; Krugman, MEd, CMP, CMM, chair of the department of hospitality, tourism, and events, Metropolitan State University of Denver; and Smith, president and CEO of the Metro Toronto Convention Center, receive the organization’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Meeting Professional, Educator, and Supplier awards at the black-tie event.

      Also celebrated at the ...

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    6. 5 Habits of Highly Successful Event Managers

      5 Habits of Highly Successful Event Managers

      Event managers have a lot of responsibilities to juggle, from new bookings and last-minute requests to preparing staff. It takes a lot of coordination to keep all those balls in the air—and having the right habits helps to get the job done.

      From using the right tools to following best practices, here are some most valuable habits of today’s most successful event planners:

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    7. Music: The Unsung Hero of an Event

      Music: The Unsung Hero of an Event

      As the producer of countless general sessions for large-scale conventions, annual meetings, and events for corporate and association clients for more than 25 years, I’ve had many opportunities to observe what show elements make the most difference. Music tops that list, yet it’s often treated as an afterthought—an unsung hero, if you will—which can lead to unexpected, preventable miscues and missteps.

      Here’s what to consider when planning the music for your next event:

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    8. Choose Your Carrots: New White Paper Casts Doubt on Assumptions for Rewarding Employees

      A new white paper released last week by The Incentive Research Foundation suggests that some commonly held beliefs about what motivates people may be wrong. “Using Behavioral Economics Insights in Incentives, Rewards, and Recognition: A Nudge Guide” two assumptions that most people make are challenged by new evidence. The first is that people make decisions rationally and in their own best interests; the second is that money is the best motivator.

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    9. Getting out of a Bind(er)

      Once cutting edge, online invites and e-registration have become mainstream. Gone are paper invites, registration forms, and onsite agendas. Yet somehow those cumbersome, clumsy, antiquated three-ring binders full of content are still finding their way into meeting rooms. If you want to achieve the holy trinity of savings—time, money, and the environment—it’s time to adopt e-content.

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    10. MPI’s Plan Your Meetings Creates Gun-Law Map

      MPI’s Plan Your Meetings Creates Gun-Law Map

      Whatever your personal feelings are about firearms, the cold, hard fact is that most states have open-carry laws (some require permits, some do not), and 11 states and counting have passed laws that allow for concealed carry of firearms without a permit . Complicating matters are that some venues prohibit firearms, even when they're allowed under state law. What’s a planner to do when it comes to devising a policy around firearms at meetings?

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    11. Webinar: Winning with Gamification: How to Engage your Attendees and Increase Mobile Adoption

      At events, games can be serious business. With the pressure for planners to create attendee engagement at events at an all-time high, savvy professionals are turning to technology and social media to build meaningful connections.

      Hear the freshest ways you can use social media and in-app gamification to help your attendees get the most of your event.

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    12. Whitepaper: What Sponsors Want And How Conference Event Directors Can Provide It

      As event directors, you want to attract the best sponsors for your event. But what does that take? What are sponsors looking for? And how can you make your event a slam dunk for your sponsors?

      In a 2017 Sponsorship Engagement Survey, ACTIVE Network | Virtual Event Bags sought to study what event organizers and planners are currently doing and how they could improve their processes to provide tangible ROI and make event partnerships more appealing for their sponsors.

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    13. Join the 24-Hour Tweetfest for Event CSR

      Join the 24-Hour Tweetfest for Event CSR

      Need some fresh ideas and inspiration around corporate social responsibility and sustainability in the events industry? Help is just a click away on Friday, April 21. The third annual #CSRshareDay, a 24-hour global Twitter conversation, hopes to get 2 million people involved in sharing, retweeting, and reading about best practices, experiences, and ideas that will encourage them to make events even more sustainable.

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    14. Starting a Meeting Program: New Course from GBTA

      Starting a Meeting Program: New Course from GBTA

      The Global Business Travel Association begins a new online course next week for corporate meeting professionals.

      In five, 90-minute sessions delivered weekly, Cindy Heston, director of travel and events for Anthem, will lead participants through key competencies and advanced principles for starting a corporate meetings program or elevating an existing program.

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