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    1. Online Museum Experience Course

      Online Museum Experience Course

      Over the last three years, I have been teaching User-centered Design with a museum experience focus.  Gauging interest if people would be interested in taking an online course in Museum Experience Design.  If you are interested please leave a comment below showing interest.  If I receive interest from twenty people will plan on running the course starting in August.

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    2. Museum Alignment

      Museum Alignment

      Over the last five weeks I have met with three different “museums” (a science center, a history museum and an aquarium) and with each I had the same thought, “where is the alignment ?“.

      With the science center had a conference call about the mission of the institution being about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education for under represented communities, we discussed how the science center might go about that mission.

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    3. Museumplanner 2013 – Thank You All !

      Museumplanner 2013

      • “How to Increase Museum Attendance” blog post
      • “What is the Most Innovative Type of Museum ?” blog post
      • “Science Centers Leading the Way” blog post
      • “The Future of In-House Design in an Outsourcing World” panel at AAM
      • “Building a Museum Brand” blog post
      • “Museum Branding in 10 Steps” blog post
      • “Art Handling Resources” blog post
      • Museum Trends Website
      • Museum Planning group on Linkedin
      • Museum Planner on Facebook
      • Museum Planner on Twitter

      Museum Planning, LLC

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    4. Building a Museum Brand

      Frank Oppenheimer, from the Exploratorium, David Baker

      Brand is the glue that holds together a successful museum, it gives visitors a comfort level and engages audience.  Building a museum brand is often an unintentional output of a founder, sometimes it is a well crafted form of communication.  This series of blog posts will examine how to craft a brand that touches on every aspect of a museum.

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    5. Museums and the Recession

      Museums and the Recession

      How have museums* changed since 2008?  After putting together the last post “In a Perfect Museum World…”, started thinking how have museums changed since 2008 and the Great Recession.  Below are my observations, would love to hear from others how they see the effect on museums.

      1. Museum funding from federal, state, private foundations and individuals has significantly decreased

      2. Many museums have decreased staff, decreased open hours and or closed

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    6. Science Pop

      Science Pop

      Mobius Lab, Preview Science Center

      A year ago we worked on a new science center in Indonesia. The project was on a very short schedule and we needed to use all “off the shelf exhibits” to meet the deadline. As part of the project we created a database of quickly available exhibits. Start to finish the Indonesian science center opened eight months, after I was first contacted. The process got me thinking, “Why can’t we open lots of little science centers all over the world?”.

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    7. What is the most innovative type of museum?

      What is the most innovative type of museum?

      What is the most innovative type of museum?.   As a follow up to the post  “Science Centers Leading the Way”  there has been a very interesting discussion in Linkedin Group “Museum Planning”.  Created a survey about innovation in museums by “type”.

      Survey Results:

      Science Centers: 25.3% (21 votes)

      Children’s Museums 20.5% (17 votes)

      Science Museums 19.3% (16 votes)

      Art Museums 16.9% (14 votes)

      Natural History Museums 8.4% (7 votes)

      History Museums 8.4% (7 votes)

      Corporate Museums 1.2% (1 Votes)

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