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    1. The Biggest Threat On The Event Industry MPN088

      The Biggest Threat On The Event Industry MPN088

      Today’s Meetings Podcast News features this news and posts that we curated for you.  Here are the links we talked about:

      Julius Solaris of Event Manager Blog writes on The Biggest Threat To The Event Industry

      Sue Pelletier writes on 6 Vital Rules For Social Media Success At Meetings

      Tom Maya writes on 6 Fundraising Trends That Are Redefining The Charity Experience

      Fabrice Orlando writes on How To Surprise And Delight Event Guests

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    2. Energy Efficiency in Meeting Venues

      By Andrea Schnitzer, national program manager for U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR Good for the earth and good for business, green meetings provide an opportunity for event organizers to minimize environmental impact and demonstrate leadership in sustainability. In fact, hotel suppliers surveyed in 2011 noted that nearly half of their meeting clients specify green requirements for their events, and 73 percent of meeting planners indicated that their clients show increasing interest in tracking and reporting green measures. With so many components that go into the planning and execution of green meetings, though, where should meeting planners start? Because the meeting ...

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    3. Hybrid Meetings Won't Hurt Your F2F Attendance

      Face-to-face attendance increases—or at the very least remains the same—following a hybrid meeting, according to new research and tools released by MPI yesterday. In fact, industry-wide anxiety that hybrid meetings lead two degeneration of in-person events are completely unsubstantiated, according to the studies, supported by the MPI Foundation and mediasite. Other top-level findings: 70% of meeting professionals feel that hybrid events will be important to the future of meetings  But 50% have never organized a hybrid meeting—25% have never even attended or helped organize one  Meeting professionals  who do organize hybrid events must recognize their diverse audiences ...

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