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    1. Game Changing Prop Designs

      Game Changing Prop Designs

      Using backdrops and props at events can enhance your design concept and create a lasting impression of the event. They can become a focal point of the space, add a dramatic accent to any room and bring the décor and overarching theme together into a cohesive look. Take a look at some hot trends and the newest products that will keep your events ahead of the game.

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    2. Hot Products: August 2013

      Hot Products: August 2013

      Mix up more than just your drink offerings at the bar with these fun products. These cool new ideas cut back on labor costs, eliminate over-poured drinks, save on time of service, and add a unique feature to your event bar.

      Smartender by SmartBar USA The Smartender automatic beverage system from SmartBar USA allows guests to choose any drink from the extensive recipe library that will be poured instantaneously!

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    3. Lighting Design Takes Center Stage

      Lighting Design Takes Center Stage

      Intelligent Lighting Design transforms One World Theatre in Austin, TX with vibrant lighting for the 2013 ISES Austin Awards Gala.

      Lighting design had a great impact at the 2013 ISES Austin Awards Gala held Thursday, June 20, 2013 at One World Theatre in Austin, TX. Chapter members of the International Special Events Society in Austin gathered for an exciting night of recognizing the best of the best in the Austin event industry.

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      Mentions: ISES
    4. Out of the Park Venues

      Out of the Park Venues

      Baseball stadiums offer unique experiences for special events Nothing screams summer like traditional American baseball games. If you’re looking for a unique experience for your events, why not add your local ballpark to the list of potential venues? In addition to hosting games during the baseball season, many stadiums open their facilities year-round for public and private events. No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, a ballpark can offer functionality and creativity that will excite your guests. Carrie Campbell, Vice President of Sales & Service at Fenway Enterprises for the Boston Red Sox, says they regularly host weddings ...

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    5. Colorful Events

      Colorful Events

      Body Nothing spices up an event like a splash of color! Bright shades are consistently being added to events this summer. See how these designers have added color to create a bold atmosphere. Bright pinks and oranges create a vibrant, warm space that encourages conversation. Unlikely color combinations produce vibrant designs. The use of textures can also add to the effects to enhance the WOW factor. Multicolored events can be used to designate tables and group space. These blue and green palettes are a likely combo that spread cool and calm vibes. Rainbow palettes create a unique effect and can ...

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    6. Hot Products: June 2013

      Hot Products: June 2013

      Body Innovative Dance Floors Encourage guests to get out of their seats and dance all night long with these innovative and entertaining flooring systems. Energy Floors Energy Floors’ Sustainable Dance Floor™ provides human-powered interactive floor systems for events. The floor modules transform movement into electric power that triggers a light projection on the floor’s surface, creating an exciting interactive dance floor or walkway for event guests. Patterns and movement can be customized for your event theme. Holo-Walls Incorporating the convenient SnapLock® interlocking system for easy assembly, Holo-Walls recently launched Holo-Floor SL tiles with a holographic finish. Materials come in ...

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    7. Graffiti Magic

      Graffiti Magic

      Body Graffiti art and grunge make a big appearance at the Now You See Me premiere On May 23, 2013, more than 500 special guests gathered at the Good Units subterranean event space for the premiere of the new blockbuster hit Now You See Me, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman. Located in the basement of the Hudson Hotel in New York City, the multi-level, 6,000 square foot venue was transformed into an industrial warehouse to encompass the raw underground feel used throughout the newly released film. “We designed the party to be a nod to the ...

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      Mentions: Las Vegas
    8. Spring Flowers

      Spring Flowers

      Body From the sensational aroma to the beautiful range of colors, there is no mistaking that spring is all about flowers! Here are some arrangements from our archives to help inspire you this season. Classic and elegant, whites and purples are common in spring arrangements and they appear to be making their way into spring events once again this year. Vibrant colors are also appearing in event arrangements this season. The ever-popular natural event trend is still going strong with succulents and earth toned floral arrangements. What floral trends have you seen this season? eNews May 2013

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    9. Inside The Great Gatsby Premiere Party

      Inside The Great Gatsby Premiere Party

      Body In the after-party of the decade, Samantha Sackler Productions brought to life the outrageous and lively atmosphere of a Jay Gatsby party, allowing guests of the exclusive movie premiere to revel in the opulence and decadence of the 1920s. The Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel in New York was transformed into Gatsby’s mansion for nearly 700 VIP guests, including the talented cast and production teams from Baz Lurhman’s film adaptation of the iconic American novel, The Great Gatsby. In a stunning display of elegance and grandeur, the production team captured the energy of the newly released ...

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    10. Hot Products: May 2013

      Hot Products: May 2013

      Body In a world where technology is always advancing, it is hard to stay ahead of the game. Projection technology has come a long way in recent years and can now add exciting entertainment to your events. These companies have developed exciting new products to move your events through the 21st century and beyond! AV Concepts From the Tupac Shakur holographic performance at Coachella to projection mapping at the Grammy Awards, AV Concepts offers advanced audio visual services for corporate, convention and entertainment events. EyeClick EyeClick is an innovative platform that creates interactive media displays for windows, floors, ceilings or ...

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    11. The Basics of Tented Events - Part 2

      The Basics of Tented Events - Part 2

      Body Planning and Décor In part 1 of this 2 part feature, we addressed the beginning planning stages of tent rental, including the initial site ordinances, spacing, and structure requirements. Once you have decided on the size and style of tent you will be using, it is time to discuss the details of the design concept, décor and layout of your event. Organizing the Space Once you have decided on and ordered your tent, you can begin planning the space. The fire codes we’ve addressed previously, as well as your rental company will help you understand spacing needs for ...

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    12. Generating Ideas Through Pinterest

      Generating Ideas Through Pinterest

      Body What started as a simple tool to find and collect images online of things you enjoy has quickly turned into one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With more than 48.7 million users, according to Reuters, Pinterest has become increasingly popular for future brides and event professionals. Although the site can be a great way to gather ideas, it proposes a serious question for the event industry: Is Pinterest taking the creativity out of weddings and events? Throughout the last few weeks, we have encountered a number of articles addressing the need for more ...

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      Mentions: CMP
    13. 8 Tips to Save Your Outdoor Event

      8 Tips to Save Your Outdoor Event

      Body As warmer weather approaches and the outdoor event season comes into full swing, inclement weather and pesky insects may be on a mission to disrupt your plans. Use these tips to prepare for the worst and ensure your guests are comfortable throughout the event. 1. Be prepared for bad weather. Rain, wind, hail, hot and cold weather can all disrupt your summer event plans. Addressing these issues early on may save you some day of stress. • Monitor weather forecasts as far in advance as available - typically 10 days prior. • Have umbrellas on hand for the ceremony and to escort ...

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    14. The Basics of Tented Events

      The Basics of Tented Events

      Body At the 2013 Idea Factory, the Queens of Tent Décor indulged attendees in some top secret tips for producing a successful tented event. Kelli DuBeau and Casey DeLeone of Exquisite Events in Rhode Island and David Price of Rentals Unlimited joined together to introduce event professionals to the fundamentals of tent set up and décor. In this two-part series, we’ll address some of these tips as well as guidelines and best practices for tented events. Discovering Your Rental Needs In the initial planning process of an event, the idea of tenting should be addressed as soon as you ...

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    15. The Power of Storytelling

      The Power of Storytelling

      Body It All Begins with an Invitation Brand experts talk about the power of storytelling in creating an event experience. It’s about creating a message that engages the guest before the event, and continues with its integration throughout the event. When done well, it lasts beyond the experience. No one understands this more than Marc Friedland who knows that every great story begins with an invitation. Today, brand experts talk about the power of storytelling — creating an experience that has a beginning, middle and end. It is upon these “acts” that the message, or the story, is built. Emotion ...

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    16. Hot Products: April 2013

      Hot Products: April 2013

      BodyPhoto Sharing Services TapSnap TapSnap uses touchscreen technology to capture your best group moments. Guests take digital photos and video footage using the touchscreen monitor then add personal doodles, messages and even corporate branding before sharing with friends via social networks. Images captured can be combined and printed just like traditional photo booth prints. You even get a personal attendant to handle the details! Snapz Photo Booth Unlike traditional photo booths, Snapz combines today’s photo booth technology with a vintage look to fit the trendy vintage theme in today’s events. Booths are customizable and allow for live video ...

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