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    1. Why This Gala Wasn't All About Raising Money

      Why This Gala Wasn't All About Raising Money

      Typically, the main goal of a gala or benefit is to raise money. At the inaugural Medair New York gala, raising awareness of the organization was just as important. The non-profit offers a variety of emergency relief and recovery services, including maternal and reproductive health care, health and hygiene education for mothers and caretakers, and preventive health care for children around the world.

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    2. A Healthy Way to Get Your Team in Gear for Fall

      A Healthy Way to Get Your Team in Gear for Fall

      SpotYoga converts unique spaces for private classes for large parties and corporate clients. How Brands Are Using Fitness Events to Flex Their Marketing Muscles SpotYoga offers a healthy alternative to the usual summertime happy hours and client dinners. Repurposing venues, hotel rooftops, and penthouse suites, the fitness company offers private yoga classes for corporate clients and large groups at unique locations throughout New York.

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    3. How One Festival Serves Early Adopters and Entrepreneurs

      How One Festival Serves Early Adopters and Entrepreneurs

      With a jam-packed schedule of musical performances, art exhibits, films, and tech talks, Northside Festival's attendees get to discover—or become—the next big thing. Event Innovators 2014: Scott Stedman Similar to South by Southwest, Brooklyn's Northside Festival merges live musical performances, panels and talks, films, and art into an annual eight-day summer showcase. This year's festival took place from June 8 to 14 in a host of venues around the northern part of the New York City borough.

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