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    1. What Tomorrow’s Leaders Want—but Aren’t Getting—from Today’s Meetings

      Career development opportunities are a key motivator for 80 percent of people considering whether or not to attend a meeting, according to a recent study. Meeting organizers, however, did not rate this as a highly motivating factor.

      This was just one of several disconnects discovered by Loughborough University and Imago Venues, both based in the U.K., when they asked 430 university students and current meeting participants about their meeting experiences.

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    2. 5 Practical Tips for Managing Volunteer Meetings

      5 Practical Tips for Managing Volunteer Meetings

      It’s hard enough to keep staff meetings on track—and those people all work for the same boss. When you’re running a committee or board meeting comprised of volunteers, that hard job just gets a lot harder.

      Here is some practical advice to make it just a bit easier, learned from the combined experience of Rebecca DeVivo, MPH, MSW, associate executive director, education, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Ed Dellert, RN, MBA, CHCP, chief policy and learning officer, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy; and Suzanne Ziemnik, M.Ed, vice president, continuing professional development, American Society for ...

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    3. Could the Confusing New Device Travel Rule Mess with Your Meetings?

      Could the Confusing New Device Travel Rule Mess with Your Meetings?

      Color me confused.

      By now, you’ve likely heard that the Trump administration has instituted a rule requiring airlines from eight Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and North Africa to ban passengers to the U.S. traveling with anything bigger than a cellphone in their carry-on luggage. Now laptops, tablets, e-readers, cameras, portable DVD players, and other electronic devices must be packed in checked baggage.

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    4. Historic Ames Boston Hotel Opens New Event Space

      Historic Ames Boston Hotel Opens New Event Space

      Boston’s event scene just got a new addition: two new meeting and event spaces in the 114-room Ames Boston Hotel. The rooms and prefunction space, designed for both elegance and functionality, add 1,700 square feet of modern meeting amenities to the hotel, which was constructed in 1893. Able to accommodate groups of up to 125, the Ames and Oliver & Oakes rooms can be configured for banquet, conference, lounge, classroom, and theater-style meetings, events, and presentation.

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    5. 3 Things You Need to Know to Determine Your Event’s Internet Needs

      3 Things You Need to Know to Determine Your Event’s Internet Needs

      Learning to negotiate Wi-Fi with an event venue requires planners to almost learn a new language so both sides can come to an understanding of how the technology can best help you meet your meeting’s goals. In a recent MeetingsNet webinar, Tim LaFleur, CMP, director, mobile strategy and solutions, Meetings & Incentives Worldwide; and Matt Harvey, vice president, client network services, PSAV, explained the three most important terms for things you need to know about how networks function.

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    6. 3 Absolutely Valid Reasons Planners Get Nervous Negotiating Event Wi-Fi

      3 Absolutely Valid Reasons Planners Get Nervous Negotiating Event Wi-Fi

      “Wi-Fi strikes fear into many planners’ hearts,” said Tim LaFleur, director, mobile strategy and solutions, with Meetings and Incentives Worldwide during a recent MeetingsNet webinar. Even the most seasoned professionals, those who have no problem with 5,000 people rushing into lunch after a general session, can break into a cold sweat when it comes time to negotiate Wi-Fi, he added.

      So what is it that makes connectivity such a fearsome topic to tackle? LaFleur identified three main reasons.

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