1. September 15, 2014: NPR Looks to Live Events to Raise Money, How Event Technology Can Reshape Meeting Layouts, Event Planning Lessons From Burning Man

    1. NPR LOOKS TO LIVE EVENTS TO RAISE MONEY: NPR is creating a series of ticketed events with corporate sponsors as a new revenue strategy, with shows planned nationwide. The New York Times: “Audiences have ‘a real desire for coming face to face with brands, touching the brand, but also building communities around topics, around hosts, around the conversation,’ said Indira Etwaroo, executive producer and director of ‘NPR Presents.’ She said the events would maintain NPR’s ‘journalistic rigor’ and, without taking editorial license, would ‘create something entirely new in terms of the storytelling.’” http://nyti.ms/X68fNh

    2. HOW ...

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