1. RECon Exhibitors Hope to Stir Up Excitement With New Products and Services

    RECon Exhibitors Hope to Stir Up Excitement With New Products and Services
    RECon will serve as center stage for companies unveiling the latest retail real estate innovations.
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    1. We have seen a good uptick from the last few years, which we are very excited about.
    2. From a cost standpoint we are now at a point where we are competitive with a traditional parking garage, and in a lot of instances we are significantly less expensive.
    3. We are using 50 percent of the land that a traditional parking garage would use.
    4. We also are seeing a lot of redesign where property owners are revitalizing interior public spaces with family centers and amenities that include adding new or updating older play areas to bring more families into their centers.
    5. We help retailers and restaurants use consumer demand to view who their customers are, how they shop, why they buy, and where they purchase in order to create actionable plans to capture untapped opportunity.
    6. Today's consumers are shopping and making purchase decision in very fluid and complex ways, mixing brick and mortar purchases with shopping intelligence gathered via television, radio, e-commerce, internet and social media.
    7. Expansion seems to be heating up again, and the net effect of that is that the market is ripe for being smarter and really understanding that consumer preferences are changing.
    8. We point out things that the customer might not see, because they go there every day.
    9. We suggest that you rent that space just like you would all the rest of the space in your center, because it is a very valuable advertising medium.
    10. One of the things that we are seeing is that there is a tremendous amount of pressure on shopping center developers and owners to keep sight lines as clean and open as possible for the inline tenants.
    11. There are a lot of new trendy things that we are working on with our European clients that are starting to resonate with retailers and developers here in the U.S. So that is very exciting.
    12. The landlord certainly has a vested interested in keeping their property taxes as low as possible, because it might give them a competitive advantage in the market.
    13. That is something that the county assessors are not always aware of.
    14. The advantage of the laser cut details is that they are very easy to customize if a client wants to put a brand logo or other design on those products.
    15. What we were trying to come up with is a little more modernized version to create a nice, flowing garden style bench.
    16. The biggest trend that we are seeing in China is to bring in cultural venues in the same complex along with the retail environment.
    17. There is a cultural mixture we are seeing that is enhancing that standard mixed-use definition.
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