1. Meet the 2014 Collaborate 40 Under 40

    Meet the 2014 Collaborate 40 Under 40

    Congrats to Susan Prue, Senior Sales Executive at VDA Productions! "Meet the 2014 Collaborate 40 Under 40: In our third annual roundup of Collaborate 40 Under 40 honorees, we highlight the talents & accomplishments of some of the industry’s top young professionals. They were nominated by their peers, chosen by our team of editors, & interviewed by staff writers & freelancers about their early contributions & career aspirations in the corporate meetings field." http://www.collaboratemeetings.com/gallery/meet-the-2014-collaborate-40-under-40/

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    1. What I love so much about my job is to be part of such an exciting growth period in East Texas.
    2. His rise in the ranks at work are a sign of his skill and leadership.
    3. That was the moment I started my career.
    4. She's extremely enthusiastic, always thinking of ways to streamline the process and make it more cost-effective.
    5. Emily Mertz is the type of employee every company would be thrilled to have.
    6. She is quick, reliable and focused in her planning and has humbly received applause from the many project coordinators and attendees with whom she interacts in more than 30 countries.
    7. His vision for a positive company culture drives the behavior of his team to develop new and innovative results for their clients.
    8. My favorite part of my job is being able to see each event go from start to finish.
    9. Changing from buyer to supplier is the best career decision I've ever made. I touch so many programs and clients; every day is different, which I love.
    10. She is a true leader and mentor for her staff, consultant to her clients and adviser to her peers and colleagues.
    11. One of my favorite elements of my job is interviewing tech managers and engineers in the corporate meeting, transportation, music, and higher education tech industries.
    12. He has been in the industry for a little more than seven years, yet his expertise is sharpened to that of someone with 30 years' experience.
    13. One of the things that makes Taylor such an unstoppable force is his extensive knowledge of the Columbia region.
    14. Everything about me is about this industry.
    15. In the fitness industry, you're pushing people to get motivated and be more healthy, and I hope I'm like that in the business world. I want to help them do better and look good in their employers' eyes, On the Cusp
    16. I help guide them through the meeting planning process. I feel like it's more beneficial to be more like their friend than someone who's selling a product, It's more collaborative.
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