1. Claire's Tips, Trends, & Educational Gems: App-y New Year!

    Claire's Tips, Trends, & Educational Gems: App-y New Year!

    We, as event and branding specialists, are always looking for the new trends especially on the threshold of a new year. Event technology enhancements continue to be the number one goal for most of our planners and event marketing partners.

    Technology makes it easy to multi-task while still being productive, and for planners who are trying to juggle 40 things at once it is a godsend. No planner is without their smart phone and every device is loaded up with tools that are making their jobs a little easier. Every conversation that I have with planners lately seems to end in an app-swapping match.  Here are a few that I think no event industry specialist should be without:


    Mention is an app used to track “mentions” of any keyword or URL on twitter and throughout the web. This is a great tracking tool to see where your event is being mentioned and how frequently.  With the push for social media integration this is a great way to keep track of the web activity!


    Splash is a free app that allow you to customize your online event experience from a to z. Create a web and mobile- optimized event page, send out invitations, and track social streaming with photo uploading capabilities. You can purchase add-on upgrades as well if you want to heighten your user experience. 




    Guidebook is a comprehensive conference app that allows you to communicate directly with attendees… and it saves trees! Full schedules, exhibitor directories, searchable sessions, interactive venue and show floor maps and messaging/attendee feedback are just some of the features of this incredible app.


    CardMunch, a free app owned by LinkedIn is the perfect way to organize and get rid of the thousands of business cards you can gather at Networking event and conferences. Simply take a photo of the business card and it will turn the cards into LinkedIn connections immediately.


    Scannerpro transforms your iPhone and iPad into a portable scanner. A perfect way to get rid of that stack of receipts or send hard documents via email.  Scribbling some notes at a session and want to make sure you don’t lose them in transit? Scan them in and send a copy to yourself!


    Incorporating any or all of these apps will hopefully allow you all to be more time efficient and organized…and really, as event planners, isn’t that always the goal? Happy New Year and Happy Planning! 

    Till next time,



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