1. 16 Ways to Help Your Exhibitors Get the Most Out of Trade Shows

    16 Ways to Help Your Exhibitors Get the Most Out of Trade Shows

    Happy exhibitors are repeat exhibitors. We’ve asked a variety of trade show organizers to tell us what they are doing to help exhibitors have a positive experience at their events. Here are some of their ideas to help manage costs, connect with qualified buyers, and maximize exposure.

    1. Maintain regular communication by sending email tips, hosting webinars, and keeping exhibitor information up-to-date on the show Web site.

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    1. The deadlines are set by the vendors, and there are better economies of scale on the front end of those deadlines.
    2. We had a waiting list this year of about 300 companies.
    3. We also have a virtual press office on our Web site that enables exhibitors to post their press releases, and we provide a room on site where they can schedule press conferences, so they can reach the press both virtually and in person.
    4. In addition to the U.S., we also do shows in Europe and Asia, and we have a number of exhibitors that exhibit in all three shows.
    5. It was very well-received, and we intend to promote it even more next year.
    6. They produce the session and get to pick the topic.
    7. We walk the show floor and personally thank every exhibitor and ask for feedback.
    8. We had it about as full as you are going to get it on the last day of a general session, and then immediately after that the expo opened.
    9. Many an exhibitor has come to us with an idea for a show feature or sponsorship that turns out to be effective and profitable.
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