1. 23 Things That Drive Exhibitors Crazy

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    1. Our budgets keep getting slashed, but our costs are going up. Every nickel and dime does matter and sometimes it's difficult to figure out what you are actually being charged for. It's kind of infuriating because I'm willing to pay for something that's a legitimate charge.
    2. Maybe it's rethinking and repackaging where costs go. Pack Expo knows their show won't work if the exhibitors can't bring in their heavy equipment, so thus they don't have a drayage charge. It's built into your show floor rate. That's huge for us.
    3. Free Internet would be one service they could offer the exhibitors that they might think is small but it would make so many people happy. Then maybe they'll invest that money in a sponsorship or in a larger space.
    4. Often it's a flat fee and you get this and this and this. But maybe we don't care, for example, about a logo on the Web site, but could you give us more media in terms of blogging or Facebook or tweets.
    5. We need to know that the people they are bringing in are truly the people they are saying they are bringing in. Quantity over quality doesn't give us the return we need.
    6. Just because a show is number one and they have 220,000 square feet sold, for example, what does that tell me about the customer? It tells me some people bought some damn big booths.
    7. It's cool when you can start interacting before the show comes around and get your brand out there and it's totally free.
    8. Please don't expect your exhibitors to be happy with labor that's never been on a show floor before and can't read a floor plan, shows up without any tools, and doesn't speak the native language of the show. Yes, all three of these happened to me at a show last year.
    9. Don't put a page in the exhibitor services manual that tells us what unions are there and in vague terms that they own all labor.
    10. There's nothing worse than having an exhibit and not a crowd walking around that makes it look full. I'd rather be at a smaller show that looks full.
    11. Trade shows are a chance to make sales, but it's also about trying to teach the audience about who you are and teach them something new that they didn't know before the show.
    12. Well only one person is asking for it, that doesn't justify it.
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