1. Claire's Tips, Trends, and Educational Gems: Branded Corporate Environments For All!

    Claire's Tips, Trends, and Educational Gems: Branded Corporate Environments For All!

    What message are you sending to potential client as they walk into your lobby? How do your employees feel when they sit down for a cup of coffee in the lunch room? Creating a unique branded environment in your corporate office is more than just important...it's essential.

    Really, it is all about creating a memorable experience. We (VDA) always implement this idea when designing event and meeting environments so why shouldn’t we be translating this immersive concept into our lobby and office spaces. It’s easy to just brand your space with some signage and paint colors, but turning your space into a truly engaging experience not only differentiates you in the marketplace, it also helps retain your employee base, creates a captivating environment that reflects your company’s personality and brand. Could we be so bold as to promise that your employees’ creativity and productivity will rise? Here is a great article - Click the image below: 

    “We’re trying to push the boundaries of the workplace,” Mr. Newman said, in what seemed an understatement.

    Check out the definition of Branded Environment according to Wikipedia: In architecture and interior design, branded environments extend the experience of an organization's brand, or distinguishing characteristics as expressed in names, symbols and designs, to the design of interior or exterior physical settings.[1] It uses space as a physical embodiment of the brand to create a ‘brand space’ . This is achieved through ‘architecture, interiors, lighting, graphics, landscape’ in spaces such as retail stores, showrooms, trade-fair booths and office environments...

    Capturing the attention of your clients as they walk into the door and keeping them focused throughout a visit is simple, as long as you have a compelling story.  Here are some great examples of office spaces that have accomplished just that.

    The San Francisco YELP offices and a close up of the wall… Great way to incorporate “testimonials” directly into the wallpaper!


    The BOX offices in Palo Alto - Let's take a meeting on the swings...


    All of their company files are listed as "basket case!" (kidding) What do you think of this environmental branding? This is the corporate office for a basket company...talk about stepping into your work! 


    Note: Many companies lease office space – and you can brand leased office space as well! VDA regularly works with companies in leased spaces and we are pros at making something temporary look extremely permanent. Call us and we can tell you more about this!

    Insider news: Our NEW brochure/ portfolio (version #2) is due out this fall, complete with new project images from our Corporate Facility Branding portfolio! Email me to get on the list and I will send one out to you HOT OFF THE PRESS! Claire@vdaproductions.com 

    Till next time, keep pushing the boundaries of YOUR workspace!



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