1. Kick off the Vacation, Kick off the Planning!

    Kick off the Vacation, Kick off the Planning!


    Ahhhhh we’re heading into it, the dog days of summer.

    I couldn't resist this image...

    I always know when it is here, besides the fact it’s hot and the AC in my car only seems to do its job on the highest setting on the way to the office. People are inherently slowing down. The phone is becoming heavier, calls go to voicemail,  and emails are neglected as you find yourself drifting towards that next vacation or long weekend on the beach. You can see it in your head...Add a beverage served on a patio downtown, icy cold, and you can just about taste it! WAKE UP! The time is now for a kick in the pants. You heard me - It is now time to start planning the most important event of the year for your company, the Sales Kickoff!

    Between the planning and exposition, medium sized global companies are spending millions of dollars every year on their kick off events.  FACT: On average, a company will spend $3,000 per attendee.  The attendees arrive in anticipation of winning an award, hearing a great, motivating keynote speaker, and being recognized for success in front of their peers...AND TO HAVE A GREAT TIME! The people will clap and cheer, eat a great meal or two and leave energized, ready to attack fresh goals, and keeping mind the reinforced company mission and vision. It's a win/win!  

    This year, use the dog days of summer to plan a new type of sales kickoff that will drive sales throughout the year. (Obviously you still need to hire that polarizing speaker and provide delicious food!)  Establish a theme for your kickoff that you can keep constant throughout the year and that will serve as a gentle reminder of the good times had/ good times ahead! HINT: To capture a theme, you can work with your sales management staff to find out what they are trying to achieve in 2014. 

    Keep reminders of the kick off theme present throughout your offices for the entire year. Custom printed posters and branding in the bull pen can be a constant reminder of what you are trying to accomplish. Sales managers should revisit the goals on a constant basis and provide reps with updates on how the team is doing. Six months later don’t forget to throw a regional bash to recognize those who have made the most progress! 

    Here are some pics from a sales kick off event that VDA designed, installed, and managed...It was a wild time that the teams are still talking about!

    Here is some video footage, and I apologize in advance for the audio quality, but the music was booming! Check out those people on the dance floor! The fun was so contagious that even the bartender couldn't resit joining in! Take a look!


    In short, while you're wearing shorts,  if you plan now you can save your self a lot of time and energy later - You can even book a venue now and get first dibs! 

    Would you like to continue the conversation? Call me at 617-628-1200 or send me an email: matt@vdaproductions.com  Join my Twitter conversation @mattstraubVDA

    Talk to you soon!



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