1. Planning and the 80/20

    Planning and the 80/20


    It is often said that 80% of your event happens during your planning process, but it's always the remaining 20% that we remember most and, oftentimes, defines our successes and failures. YIKES! We always to try to think of every last detail before we board that plane or sit down for our pre-con, but there's always something overlooked or unexpected that pops up. Always.

    I sat down with one of our incredibly skilled Project Managers, Jessica Schneider, and had a candid conversation about the trials & tribulations of on-site project management. Together we came up with a few tips that are often overlooked, and can help to make or break your event:

    Jessica is action! Jessica has been a Project Manager at VDA Productions for 3 years. Prior to that she was a freelance stage-hand for 9 years, working on such shows as Bonnaroo, U2 360 Tour, and Camp Bisco, to name just a few!


    • Plan for your Project Manager to come out a day ahead with you – you'll find that an extra set of eyes will be hugely beneficial for last minute inspections, pre-cons, and walk-thrus.

    • If you're doing a meeting or trade show – make friends with the Dock Master on-site as soon as possible. They control your freight when it comes in and can be your saving grace in helping you to manage deliveries and outside vendors.   

    • Water!  Always have water available on-site.  A hydrated crew is happily working crew! Did you know that most tradeshow facilities don't usually have food & beverage as part of their offerings? Be sure to make arrangements. Note: If you can't afford full meals for your team, ensure that a few handy snacks are made available throughout the setup & dismantle.  

    • If you haven't already – find a local graphics / signage company nearby that is able to produce a few of your last minute needs.  Give them a quick call when you arrive and provide them with an overview of what you might need produced. They will be able to give you an idea of what they can achieve in a certain timeframe.


    What are some of your best practices when it comes to handling last minute needs?  Let's start talking!



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