1. Claire's Tips, Trends, and Educational Gems: Ok people! Take it outside!

    Claire's Tips, Trends, and Educational Gems: Ok people! Take it outside!


    Season change…People change…Venues change!  

    Ok – Are you singing “Seasons Change” by Expose yet? With the changing of the season comes the changing of the event venue! It’s the time of year  to haul out the sunscreen, the shorts, the ice cream and the…generator? Planning an outdoor event is exciting and your guests will love the opportunity to soak in the fresh air,  but there are a couple of things that you must remember on the technical side in order to successfully implement on outdoor event.

    50 Shades: Keep in mind that not everyone wants to be outside in the sun the whole time. Depending on the time of day be sure to create enough shady areas for those guests who would like to stay out of the rays.








    Power Play: Are you serving food? Will you be lighting the venue? Will there be need for a screen and projector?  If the answer is yes and you cannot plug into an inside source then you definitely needs a generator. Typical rental for generators is per day and be sure to book well in advance. The summer months are prime time for movie shoots around town so if you wait until the last minute you may be told that Brad, Tom & Johnny have already reserved all the power in Boston!



    Party Crashers:  Be prepared for that unwelcomed guest, the insect kind, by being fully armed with mosquito repellent or having an exterminator come prior to event. If extermination turns out to be your route, be sure to get all the specifics (how long before event spraying must occur, when can food be placed etc…) from the exterminator. Citronella candles & good old fashioned bug spray are other ways to avoid the pests.



    Wind Tunnel: Make sure that any décor elements and table centerpieces are secure. As silly as it may sound items can get whipped up by the wind and come crashing down on one of your guests. I can tell you first hand that an unattached rogue umbrella can pretty much ruin your afternoon let alone your event.








    Rigger- marole: The great outdoors provides beautiful skies but not a lot of rigging points… if you are planning to have extensive lighting or hanging elements be sure to work closely with your event production team to translate your vision. There are some great options including floor based elements or open air structures that can be created to keep the outdoor ambiance yet provide adequate hanging points.

    Give VDA Productions a call; 617-628-1200 We would love to help you turn your al-fresco dream into a reality!

    Now, enjoy the classic stylings of Expose...You know you want to! 


    Till next time,


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