1. 6 Steps for a Successful International Meeting

    When you take your meeting outside of the U.S., things can get a bit complicated.

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    1. You can't expect everyone to abide by your sensibilities when you travel abroad.
    2. At the onset, I would say it's not about negotiation. It's about researching and understanding what's being offered and what you need.
    3. You have to know what's going on in the world, at all times, especially when you're putting on events outside the U.S..
    4. I can't stress the value of having a mentor who was Singaporean.
    5. They walked us through the whole process.
    6. When you work internationally, you really have to think about how you transmit information to people.
    7. More information is always better than not enough.
    8. Meeting with potential suppliers is so important.
    9. Not doing site visits is a huge challenge, which is why I try to be so thorough and meticulous with all of my questions.
    10. Come into the negotiations with your checks and balances and know, up front, that you need to give something in return and not take everything; there has to be a happy medium in these global destinations.
    11. Never forget the power of persuasion and sharing just how much of an impact your meeting can have for that supplier.
    12. Room rates were mostly north of $250 per night and as high as up to $500 a night, Not only that but in Singapore, as in many other countries, they treat meeting space differently.
    13. That's something you definitely need to pay attention to.
    14. But when it comes to customer relationships, that ability to build relationships across borders and countries is absolutely critical.
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