1. Matt Straub: Applause for Conference and Trade Show Apps!

    Matt Straub: Applause for Conference and Trade Show Apps!


    I remember my first cell phone, in all its pixelated glory. It flipped open and had an antenna that pulled out, increasing service by one bar at the very least.  It took dazzling 1.3 megapixel photos and sent text messages at warp-speed in the T9 format. It took minimal pocket space and left no cause for concern when stranded on the family coffee table for the day. To say that phones today are different is an understatement. The six ounce brick in my pocket inundates me with up to the minute status updates, Tweets, emails, LinkedIn updates, etc. BONUS: I haven’t gotten lost in five years! With the massive growth in Smart Phone usage and the ever increasing technology that feeds and supports our addiction, it is important that meeting planners understand how this benefits trade shows and conferences. Because it does!

    Confession: One of my favorite things about smartphones are the Apps I am able to download. And I am not alone here! *The average smartphone user has 65 apps installed on their device.  So, why not have a specific app created for your trade show or conference? It's not as hard as you think.

    OTC App

    Left is a screenshot taken from my phone of the app created for the 2013 Off Shore Technology Conference (OTC).

    An app like this helps to streamline the productivity of attendees. It puts everything they need to know about schedules, exhibitors, sessions, speakers, and featured products in the palm of their hands. #brilliant  You can set up alerts for when that can’t-miss-session is coming up, and if you get lost wandering the trade show floor you can pull up the map and be on your way in seconds. No more fumbling through the welcome package you receive at the registration booth. Those bags always have so much stuff in there! #swagbags



     Take a look...navigate this!? Not without my mobile app!

    This app also provides one touch buttons to your favorite social media websites. With this convenience attendees can easily link to their favorite form or social media in real time. These links will magnify the effectiveness of a company’s booth or a speaker’s effectiveness exponentially. #inmyprofessionalopinion  

    People today are staying away from the typical media and relying more on their peers’ opinions when it comes to products and services. An attendee could visit a booth and share their glowing review of that company with their 700 contacts. Multiply that by the 1,000 visitors to that booth. Talk about an effective use of social networking for company promotion!

    In short, if you would like your trade show or conference (or both) to stay ahead of the curve do yourself a favor and provide your attendees with an app. The positive results will be realized for many months after the show has ended.

    Would you like to continue the conversation? Call me at 617-628-1200 or send me an email: matt@vdaproductions.com  Join my Twitter conversation @mattstraubVDA

    Talk to you soon!


    (*Hat tip; www.flurry.com)

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