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    Soup 2 Nuts!


    The world of event design and production is oftentimes a nebulous one. Even after more than 25 years in the meeting, trade show & special event industry, we at VDA still get some clients and potential clients that wonder what it is we do at VDA and how we can help them. What is the extent of our capabilities and how can they be used for their next meeting or event? 

    I have created a fun infographic to help me tell the story: Click around on the graphs...They are interactive!



    • Production support. For all things staging, lighting, audio & visual, and technology-based, it's worth a conversation with a production team re: staying up to date on trends in order to create a memorable experience.
    • Inspiration & Innovation! True story: One of our clients noticed their conference attendees were always looking for an outlet to recharge their iphone, ipad, or smart phone device. Huddling around wall plugs and column outlets, the attendees sought refuge and power wherever they could find it. Enter the now Award-winning Charging Valet!


    We came up with this cool invention that addressed their power needs and also served as a sponsorship opportunity. Able to fit any footprint and offering multiple branding opportunities, the Valet enables sponsors to get the exposure they want while attendees get the services they're looking for! Win-win all around! (Get yours HERE)

    There really is very little we can't do! So let's start talking!


    Join my conversation onTwitter: @susiedidonato

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