1. Trade Shows: A Retro Solution Still Popular as Ever!

    Trade Shows: A Retro Solution Still Popular as Ever!

    There are so many ways to connect via technological solutions today, but trade shows continue to top the charts as the most valuable solution! Did you know: According to The Role of and Value of Face-to-Face Interaction, a 2012 CEIR study, 48 percent of trade show attendees said face-to-face interactions at exhibits during exhibitions, conventions and annual meetings are more valuable today than two years ago, and 43 percent anticipate this setting will be more valuable over the next two years. 

    Who is coming? Consider this…

    •  Buyers come to trade shows to see new products, but they also come to find out what’s happening with existing suppliers.
    • Attendees come to trade shows because they place high importance on face-to-face interactions at all pre-purchase stages.

     Need the facts? There are an infinite number of ways to measure value, but if you want to start piecing together the ROI puzzle, try CEIR’s free exhibitor ROI calculator: http://www.roitoolkit.exhibitsurveys.net/Home/Welcome.aspx  The calculator includes pre- and post-show tools.

    RETRO! Go old-school!  A great way to determine the value of an event is with some good old-fashioned watching, listening and asking questions. Walk around the show floor, listen to the interaction between exhibitors and attendees…That interaction may be the greatest value of all!

    Bottom line: A trade show puts all of a company’s customers under one roof simultaneously and creates a hub where the buzz of your industry is happening.

    Want to learn more about the benefits of trade shows and how a custom specialty tradeshow booth design can help you capitalize on today’s emerging trends? Let VDA create an impressive and unforgettable branded 3D marketing campaign experiences that attracts high potential prospects—and keeps them engaged. Contact us today!

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