1. Quickie: Meetings – The ORIGINAL Social Media

    Quickie: Meetings – The ORIGINAL Social Media

    In our quest to keep up with everything new and innovative, we need to remember, rethink, and then re-tool what is NOT so new…Meetings -  The original social media!

    We all know the use of LinkedIn Groups, Facebook pages, Twitter streams, and other social media continues to increase in the world of meetings and events. Many companies look for people to write in a branded way (similar to advertising copy) on their blogs, Twitter accounts, and other social media networks. What this then does is create a lack of authenticity that leads to a lack of trust – resulting in a decrease in these networks and a migration away from ‘managed identities’ toward more genuine encounters. As the ratio of selling to sharing gets out of balance in these communities it may ultimately push social media users to join face-to-face communities…And what ARE those face-to-face communities? You guessed it…Meetings!

    Meeting face-to-face allows participants the chance to develop trust and transparency among each other in ways that are simply not possible in other forms of communication. Trust, as we all know, is an integral part of business relationships and can be established much more quickly in person. This confidence is key and plays a large part in a client’s faith in your company or product.

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