1. Claire's Tips, Trends, and Educational Gems: Social Media Integration and You...And Your Event!

    Claire's Tips, Trends, and Educational Gems: Social Media Integration and You...And Your Event!


    Social media continues rule the world. 

    You can’t do anything personally or professionally without hearing those key social media words: tweet, post, hashtags, trending, etc…

    I can tell you from personal experience that my phone goes everywhere with me and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are my entertainment, my networking, my up-to-the-minute news and my bed time story.

    Needless to say that if you are not incorporating social media into your events you are missing out on key branding opportunities and attendee interaction. So how, do you ask, can I capitalize on social media integration at my event? Here are two scenarios/ways that we have helped our clients successfully integrate social media during a very large event, and at a tradeshow.

    EVENT: After a long sales meeting to kick off the beginning of the year the company treated their 2000 employees to a blowout bash to celebrate their past successes and ring in the new quarter. The company had unified the troops throughout the day of meetings and breakout sessions and they wanted to keep the sense of “togetherness” while entertaining the crowd. With such a large group it was a challenge to create interactivity throughout the event. We set up monitors around the room that were linked to a twitter feed. The employees were able to send real time tweets to the screens giving “shoutouts” to each other and answering questions/trivia that would appear above the tweets. The tweets were sent to a private platform and screened backstage before they were projected for all to see. This activity was a huge hit and allowed the whole group to participate.

    One of my favorite tweets from the event: 

    My quota is what? Hilarious.


    TRADESHOW: Social media integration is very important on the tradeshow floor. It works as a lead capturing system as well as promotional tool for the booth. A live twitter feed is a very popular fixture in many booths because it is a simple set up that adds an effective, personalized punch. Another way that we have seen great success integrating social media is to run a contest based on tweets or QR code scanning. One booth that we designed had graphic panels strategically placed in the space advertising a contest to win multiple prizes (ipad, ipod, AMEX gift card etc…). The attendees could enter to win these prizes by scanning the QR code on the panel and filling in some minimal information about themselves. Again, this worked two-fold by creating a way for the audience to interact with the space and booth representatives and capturing information about the attendees. It is important to remember that the media platform for this type of interactivity is already in place, it just takes a little creativity to implement it into your events. Safety and privacy setting are also available if this is something that your company is concerned about. Social media is a great way to keep your events current and your attendees engaged.

    No matter what demographic your audience, they are already participating in social media in some way, so why not get to them to turn their cyber attention in your direction? #ifyoucantbeatthemjointhem

    Feeling social? Let's talk! I would enjoy connecting with you and learning about the vision you have for your next event. Connect with me via email at Claire@vdaproductions.com or by calling 617-628-1200.

    You can join my conversation on Twitter: @clairefidelman

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    Until next time!


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