1. How a Nonprofit Used Hybrid Events to Grow its Audience

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    1. We've found with the online event we are hitting a brand new audience of people who may never have the finances to go to our conference.
    2. The kit has helped to underscore our goal to encourage team participation.
    3. We use Web conferencing software tools that are built for collaboration with speakers and attendees.
    4. People could go online and take control for up to a minute, zoom in and out, cruise around virtually. Our point was just to give them a view to see what else was going on and feel more connected.
    5. It has a welcome lobby with a video and information and an auditorium to get sessions live and on demand.
    6. We got a little feedback this year where people saw online programs on the agenda and mistakenly thought they were face-to-face [events] and wanted to go to them and weren't able to.
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