1. How Brands Are Using Their Most Passionate Customers at Events

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    1. Although it's clear that online recommendations influence business decisions and perceptions, nothing is more powerful than a face-to-face recommendation where the person receiving the recommendation knows who the advocate is.
    2. These are influencers who are passionate about this part of the I.B.M. portfolio, and they want to share their joy about it, but they are also building their own personal brand.
    3. The awareness of the program was really elevated because of the visibility we gave them.
    4. We didn't necessarily look for people with the biggest fan count, We looked for people who were good content developers, maybe they took really good photos or great videos, which we could then re-share.
    5. We are building an alumni program where we can continue to feed them products for testing, and from time to time we'll reach out with special activities.
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