1. Risky Buzzness

    Risky Buzzness
    Weighing the risks versus the rewards of guerrilla marketing that breaks the rules—and in some cases, the law Sonia Andresson-Nolasco
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    1. I always ask myself if we're hurting anybody in the world with what we're doing. If the answer is no, then I feel good about it.
    2. In Microsoft's case, it's a double opportunity.
    3. Assuming that consumers in the Boston-area suburbs were the best target audience for Cartoon Network's campaign, a landscape analysis would have uncovered potential opportunities for the company and avoided the bad press that was associated with it.
    4. This is a good example of risk tolerance, because some brands have a higher risk tolerance. They can be edgy, their stakeholder groups are going to expect that.
    5. It's not like there's some amorphous body called
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