1. Exhibit City News Year in Review (Jan. - June)

    Exhibit City News Year in Review (Jan. - June)

    This year has been quite the rollercoaster. From the upswing in business, the growth of shows all over the world and the introduction of several new trends, the industry was packed with news in 2012.

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    1. Every major technology company across the globe is participating in force at this year's CES.
    2. The Carpenters do a great job of training, and it is nice to have such a fantastic partner that invests so much in the tradeshow industry.
    3. Our very first step was to ask our customers what changes they'd like to see.
    4. This is exactly the sort of common sense, practical labor agreement that we are seeking throughout the city, This agreement will create jobs and make Chicago more competitive for tradeshows; it will help union employees get work and will increase the number of tradeshows and conventions we attract.
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