1. These are a few of my favorite things... Pop-up Retail!

    These are a few of my favorite things... Pop-up Retail!

    My new "favorite thing" (as Oprah would say) is the ever-changing customer experience within the retail environment. In the "full-swing" of the holidays, I find our focus shifts to the latest and greatest gifts and gadgets this season. I started to think about the customer shopping experience and how to apply this phenomenon to a conference experience / trade show atmosphere.

    Drumroll please…



    Long live pop-up retail! This pint-sized atmosphere packs the dynamic infrastructure of a standard window-front, but loses the formality and lack of customer engagement. My passion for this pop-up paradise has my creative juices pumping - how can we bring this dynamic interactivity and awareness of ones brand to the meeting and trade show industry? Well here's a few steps how!

    • Being innovative doesn't always require creating a brand new idea within your conference, but rethinking a current one and expanding on the idea. Use what works and go from there!

     Pop-up Retail

     • Keep it simple. Focus your dollars on the attendee engagement with your brand and leave the bells and whistles behind; be sure to include SOME level of interactivity and think of incorporating all five senses into what they're experiencing.

    • What's in it for them? Consumers need to feel like they're drawn to your booth and there's a benefit to them for doing so. Giveaways are key, but make sure they tie into your product and brand, otherwise...what's the point?

    Pop-up retail

    • Rethink the standard trade show setting. Target a group en masse inside Malls, festivals – anywhere your target audience might be. For example, if you're launching a new product for children, try to set up shop inside Boston's Ice Cream "Scooper Bowl". Launching a new software product? Find a way to create a hi-tech pavilion inside the next tech-industry conference in your area.

    • Ensure your mobile pop-up branding experience has the flexibility you need. All kiosks, lead desks, demo stations should be able to be rearranged to accommodate a multitude of spaces. Be sure to think about the maximum and minimum footprint available (And reach out to VDA for help with that one).

    Pop-up retail

    • Don't forget the impulse buy! It's important to dedicate a specific area with a multitude of smaller offerings and kid-gits that are perfect for your attendee take-home take-away.

    • Staff wisely. Think about your attendee landscape and having enough people answering questions about your product / service, but not TOO many that they overwhelm your visitors. Looking for some inspiration?

    Check out our friends at Pop-up Republic to find out what is going on in the pop-up world near you!

    Need additional help or tips? Call or email me!


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