1. Hurricane Roundup: Assessing Sandy’s Impact on Meetings

    Hurricane Sandy brought much of the eastern seaboard to a standstill when it made landfall on Monday, causing the cancellation of some 10,000 flights and many meetings and conventions from Boston to Washington, D.C./Virginia and points south. read more

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    1. Associations who are hosting meetings in the path of Sandy will need to make their own decision whether or not to cancel an event based on the weather conditions and the safety of the attendees.
    2. Our number one priority is for the safety of all our guests and the people of the city and region. The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, Pennsylvania Convention Center, and our hotels have been in constant contact with our customers regarding Hurricane Sandy.
    3. It's best not to make unilateral decisions.
    4. Your contracts define only your basic legal rights and obligations.
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