1. On the Street with Debra Roth: Creativity and Current Events

    On the Street with Debra Roth: Creativity and Current Events

    Creativity Abounds

    Creativity is a skill we use constantly in our daily life. Many decisions need our creative mind. In this post I bring you several events that used creativity to inspire new experiences. Coincidently many things are related to ART, a trend that I also identified in the retail window display industry from my last VDA post. Maybe it is just what I am drawn to, or maybe it’s just the way it is! Creativity as Art! Art is Everywhere- In events and in business!


    Creativity, Design and Technology come together here! The iPhone 5 came out last week. Do you have yours? On top of it’s great functionality the iPhone 5 is thinner and faster! I love it...But, here is the Techradar review. Technology at it's best, in my opinion.


    The LowLineThe LowLine is a potential new park for NYC and the first of it’s kind in the world! An exhibit is now open that shows this dream, of an abandoned 60,000 sq ft space, a street car station abandoned since 1941, transforming into public space. The exhibition introduces the concept, educates and visualizes the park for us. Upon entering the main gallery, a giant map of New York City’s subway system is suspended, and you know technology is at play highlighted by the lighting and projection. Data collected from actual traffic patterns currently in NYC are projected onto the floor creating motion in real time, called Experiments in Motions.



    The LowLine’s Anti-Gala fundraiser opened the exhibit with great support from the NYC events community. Many of my favorite event professionals were involved including Bentley Meeker, Van Wyck & Van Wyck and Neuman’s Catering.


    Neuman’s food created the feel of the Lower East Side, the cocktail and dessert hours were all donated from local Lower East Side only vendors. The set up had a market style feel using wood, old scales, chalkboard menus, etc. and the staff serviced from behind in market style. Deli-type attire added to the atmosphere. The dinner menu was designed by Gabrielle Hamilton and Neuman’s own executive chef worked with her on executing a family style dinner using all types of vessels to platter the food on, from cutting boards for the squab and rabbit to copper pots for the sides. Everything had a gritty and rustic Lower East Side feel but with touches of class. The waiters all wore classic white serving jackets to bring back a prohibition type fancy dinner element.


    My favorite part of the installation brought in more innovative technology – bringing SUNLIGHT underground! This was shown with a very beautiful sculptural form capturing the light, and sending it underground, generating enough light to support photosynthesis Fun Stuff!


    Mixing of technology and the rustic! Visit! Donate! And don’t forget to visit one of my very favorite spots in NYC, The HIGH LINE!


    Creative Projects, On the Water!

    The New York Water Taxi and Circle Line Downtown has been crafting cool creative journeys for their clients! Maura Buckley, Director of Sales, Charters & Events is pushing the envelope for networking trips to unique environments creating memorable experiences!


    “The Progressive Dinner” began at The Water Club, NYC for drinks and appetizers. The networking was evident. Event professionals all gathered to view the venue, try the in-house food, meet new people and enjoy the trip! Next stop, the Champaign studded Water Taxi drove us cross the incredibly crisp East River from 34th street, Manhattan right over to pier 41 in Red Hook, down the promenade to The Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn, an unusual event space – Here the next course was served. What an unusual place to be in the unique large-scale warehouse with breathtaking views of the city.


    The final leg of our trip brought us back to the Water Taxi for Dessert and Champaign. We had a choice to get out at the South Street Seaport or back up to 34th street.

    A wonderful evening and a great interactive networking time was had by all. Don’t you think your clients would enjoy a creative, custom-made journey of their own?

    Other very cool customizations have included an overnight at Thayer Hotel at West Point, including visits to Storm King Arts Center, Brotherhood Winery and Woodbury Commons as part of the tour! Another highlighted trip: a ride up the Hudson to follow the Space Shuttle on it’s way permanent home at The Intrepid.

    HEADS UP: This weekend is a great weekend in NYC for ART!


    Maker Faire…where the inventors go!


    This is for the creative in all of us. Designers, inventors, DIY - the do it yourself, let’s share our knowledge in a wonderfully technological sharing in an open forum! Arduino, 3d printing, crazy creatures and learn to hand make parts and pieces for your own creations! Truly a great place for IDEAS!



    Maker Faire is at the New York Hall of Science, at the 1964-65 , World’s Fair Grounds, and I not only love World’s Fairs but this one in particular!

    From The Unisphere to the New York Hall of Science, it is great space! I was at last year’s Faire and on top of the great creative ideas and learning I received, I also fell in love with this interior/exterior.


    HEADS UP: The Maker’s Faire is coming up Sept 28-29, NYC, Flushing Meadows, Corona Park. This is a must for the inventor in all of us! Check out the event on Facebook here.



    Projection Mapping.


    Yes, I will repeat it Projection Mapping.


    I love it, I continue to site it as a trend and you must see some! You can, this weekend, NYC at the Dumbo Arts Festival. Here is yet another artistic event. Last years Festival included many incredible projects but my favorite by far was the treatment under the bridge called Immersive Surfaces.


    This year, the featured interactive projection experience is called SUPERHERO by Wildbytes.

    Oh! You don’t know what projection mapping or 3D printing is?  You will have to check out my materials trend report later this year! *wink*

    ART IN THE AIR! Literally….

    Columbus’ Living Room is essentially what this unusual art installation is, a top of the Columbus statue in NYC. For artist Tatzu Nishi’s first public project in the US he chose the marble statue at Columbus Circle, which sits a top a 75’ column.

    Living Room




    Nishi allows us to get up close and personal with Columbus, after we climb many stairs, we get a great view overlooking the park and the city, all while sitting in the living room with the grand sculpture at it’s center.

    I was pleasantly surprised to immensely enjoy the experience.



    As I sat a top of the world I contemplated the giant in the room. This approach created a true singular focal point, yet allowed us to marvel at the view while the environment made us feel at home.



    What fun! Timed Tickets are free. Get them online here. Go see it!


    SCWalking Uptown I spied an unusual sculpture and found a whole grouping of works by artist Saint Clair Cemin.



    NSPAnd on my way downtown I came upon the wonderfully wacky works of sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle!








    P ALL


    So my inspiration to you is Creativity is in the Air! Look around because ART is Everywhere!

    Food truck


    Until next time!

    - Debra

    Visit VDA Event Discovies on October 4, 2012 for my next post!

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