1. On the Street with Debra Roth: Trends in Retail Exhibits and Store Display

    On the Street with Debra Roth: Trends in Retail Exhibits and Store Display

    For my first assignment I have been exploring the store windows in NYC and although I am primarily speaking of Fall trends I must tell you that some great design elements came through the end of Summer and I will be including them.

    What did I see?

    Let’s start!

    I was totally bowled over by the collaborative work from Louis Vuitton with visual artist Yayoi Kusama.


    From an in depth experiential marketing and complete communication concept this program really rocks!  From the store windows to the building wrap, from the original products to museum shows, this collaboration is truly inspired!

    The Vuitton building on 57th Street and 5th Avenue was clad in Kusama’s signature Polka Dots and could be seen from quite a distance – really peeking interest. It is ingenious, as the building becomes a billboard. As you come in for a closer look, the windows are striking with more of Kusama’s polka dots, both sculptures and her products, even realistic wax models of her own image were present, as her career included a record of herself within and around her artworks.



    LV 2a



    The collaboration went worldwide through the Vuitton empire with similar treatments not only on 57th street, but also Soho and Bloomingdales in NYC. The Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Tate Modern in London and The Whitney Museum in NYC featured a retrospective of her work, of course sponsored by Louis Vuitton.

    Take a look at this around the world –

    Louis Vuitton at Selfridges by Yayoi Kusama, London  - concept store

    Retail Design Blog 










     In Paris – a Pop-Up Store in Prientemps

    on Facebook 

    About her show at the Whitney with photos: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/07/yayoi-kusama-interview_n_1749378.html


    I love the Bill Board effect that a building wrap can add to a brand. This is a great trend that not only Louis Vuitton took advantage of but Juicy Couture did too, also on Fifth Avenue. Again, seeing the graphics from afar creates a billboard effect and as the viewer gets closer, the details of the window pop.




    JCinsideAdditionally it is exciting to see from inside, looking out!
























    Bergdorf’s also took advantage of the large-scale look by placing Ribbons on their building announcing their 111th anniversary!  As always, the Bergdorf’s style, attention to detail, the use of existing “stuff” and items created out of paper or other materials create a visual aficionado’s DREAM!  Their signature look can keep you engaged for hours!


    Speaking of originality, Barney’s windows are also always great to see! This was true again for Fall 2012. The focus is SHOE’s and I love the creativity and variety of very cool ideas. Take a look at “Can you tell how many shoes are here” and the Aquarium, and sighting another trend – the integration of technology and movement. Using motors, clever ideas and video create a great depth and interest. My photo’s do not do these windows justice. If you can see them live you should!





    The use of technology, lighting and video kept resurfacing and I LOVED the windows of DIOR on 57th street. The combination of mannequins with beautiful fashion set in an environment enhanced by video, simple cutout shadow shapes and a camera flash, told an elaborate story in an instant. These windows created a complete environment, yet they were quite simple!


    Lighting fixtures and ceiling treatments kept resurfacing with the trend of hand made groupings of “everyday objects” hanging...

    Objects 1

    Crystals, bottles, forks...

    Objects 2

    ...even watches became hangings in the Swatch Shop.

    Swatch 1    Swatch 2

    The Swatch Store had the great “watch fixtures” above but I also saw their use of the large super graphics juxtaposed with their smaller objects as quite striking. The effect in the shop was the notion of complete consideration of the overall environment. You were consumed by their brand when you were in their store.

    I saw this trend over again primarily in, believe it or not, sweets shops! In the cupcake shop Sprinkles – complete brand immersion made you want to EAT!

    Of course Dylan’s Candy shop does this to you and down in Little Italy, Rice to Riches, a shop that only sells rice pudding emerges you in their brand. Good work guys!Dylans


    I have been observing sculptural form in window display for several months. Sometimes the forms are very hand made looking, sometimes more machine made and even real sculptures and artworks grace some windows.



    Yuta Powell


    This same artistic trend seems to have brought paper flowers into window display. Although I have seen many, the Anthropologie line of shops, had the most interesting, beautiful and varied work with these organic shapes.

    Take a look at several of their shops! The windows at Anthropologie’s Rockefeller Center Store really popped! I loved the use of the old fashion scientific botany plates with line drawings and in this case the paper flowers jumped off the page. Great use of simple materials for effective visuals!


    Anthropology 1

    I can go on! But right now I think you have a lot to look at. Of course I will keep looking as I travel through the town, observing and catching trends to report back to you. So for now, I remain with eyes wide open looking for the best that there is to see! Also, this week, I will be “pushing” my way into several runway shows, because I want to tell YOU all about it!

    Until next time!

    - Debra

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