1. Las Vegas, Are You Ready? The Marquee Club, Part 3: The Video And Content

    Check out the video technology and content at Marquee, Las Vegas' latest hot spot
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    1. We strove to electrify and summon transcendent feelings in the patrons of Marquee, through our use of timing, color, composition, generative code, and story.
    2. The visuals are organic, yet brought to life through the use of interactive technology.
    3. Opulence, film, beautiful women, and the music really inspired us to create these and several other themes.
    4. We utilized two Red MX cameras and the Canon 5D Mark 2.
    5. The VJ is able to generate continually varying, seemingly self-reinventing visual patterns and on-the-fly compositions nightly. These keep the environment constantly new.
    6. The visuals at Marquee can be seen from three different viewing zones: the dance floor, the VIP tables, and the balcony. "The dance floor completely immerses the viewer in a strong presentation of lighting and visuals, which literally drop onto your head, says Lieberman, a veteran designer on the Las Vegas club scene.