1. A Glimpse of a Whole New World From TSE 2011

    A Glimpse of a Whole New World From TSE 2011

    As a new Associate Designer at VDA Productions, I was lucky enough to attend The Special Event (TSE) 2011 in Phoenix, AZ. With me this year was Bob Russo, Creative Director at VDA, and Meghan Welborn, Director of Sales and Marketing for VDA – A great team!

    Attending TSE and listening to “The Masters” talk from all over the country was definitely an eye opener! It opened my eyes to an industry, a successful and fun industry, that is impacting the world in a very brilliant and inspiring way…So much more than just weddings and party planning.

    That said, one of the panelist discussions I enjoyed was one shared by Colja M. Dams, the President/CEO of VOK DAMS in Germany. His project focus was not just in creating beautiful, special, evening parties and business meetings, but he made sure to always include one unique design for each of his events. Flying under the banner of “Always different, Always Lamborghini,” the key idea for an evening event VOK DAMS did for the Lamborghini Lounge was the “Table Top.” Now, what is so exciting and new in table tops, right? Well, the entire program for the evening took place right on their table top – as an eating counter, a presentation projection surface, as well as becoming the speaker’s stage! Guests never had to leave their seats! The event kept guests engaged and astonished at the same time…Brilliant.










    Lamborghini collaborated with The VOK DAMS GROUP based in Germany to produce the brand launch of the luxury Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. VOK DAMS vision and innovation produced the two day event with experiences bringing to life the Lamborghini brand values of “Extreme”, “Challenging”, “Italian”, “Exclusive”, “Aggressive”, “Sensuous”, and “Uncompromising.”

    Another event was for the Deutsche Bank Leadership Meeting, which the event that required 3 separate stages in order to accommodate performances for 2000+ attendees. VOK DAMS incorporated the idea of revolving chairs for the seating which allowed the audience to physically follow the entertainment around the moving stages. Now THAT is thinking outside the box and really meshing need + creativity! It was great to see how these design challenges were handled and ultimately created wildly successful and innovative events…Inspiration we could all take away from the presentation.

    The “101” classes at TSE were helpful, reinforcing the basics and keeping attendees up to date on the latest trends. There were many classes that offered inspiration- presenters shared a lot of their resources and examples of their sources of inspiration. When it comes to color, good harmonious color palettes can be found in various areas of life, not just in nature and flowers, but looking into different cultures- skateboarders (yes, skateboarders! Check out the rad decks, dude!), graffiti arts, fashion magazines, and shoes ad like Camper, where colors are youthful, hip, and original...And so is the ad! One of the websites discussed in a session was www.colourlovers.com, where people can share and lookup different palettes, patterns, and colors appropriate for different uses. Whether it’s for weddings, home décors, web designs, businesses, etc, you will definitely have some FUN with this site! (I know I did!) One of the strengths of the sessions, in my opinion, was the opportunity to share and discuss the processes that people go through for inspiration and the paths they take to get to a successful event design. We all strive to consistently enhance the customer experience by designing dynamic, flexible and visually compelling environments, and these sessions provided the forum for us to share how we make it happen for clients across the globe.


    Screen capture from www.colourlovers.com

    The evening events every night, from TSE Starts Here, The Welcome Event, to The SEARCH Foundation Event were great “treats” after the days of learning and networking. Margaritas and TSE – two “firsts” for me with VDA in 2011, and I know there is so much more to come in this exciting industry!

    Here are a few more sites you may enjoy...For inspiration:

    Designscene.net - Design Scene is your daily fashion, style and design update, giving you the best of fashion glossy and international runways with a unique mix of design articles, which will besides fashion show you fascinating architecture, interior, industrial and commercial design. Last month Design Scene readers browsed through 600 000 pages on our blog, thank you all for the continuing support.

    http://www.surfacemag.com -  For 15 years, readers have turned to Surface for creative inspiration, coverage of the burgeoning design world, and profiles of the emerging designers and provocative projects that are reshaping the creative landscape. With this ability to identify and collaborate with undiscovered talent—from furniture makers to fashion designers—the magazine acts as a cultural barometer of global style in all its forms. With an international team headquartered in New York, the magazine is constantly expanding its ability to identify, celebrate and support the artists and ideas that connect the present with the future. Surface is the definitive American source for engaging, curated content covering all that is inventive and compelling in the design world. Surface is published six times a year and is owned by Quadra Media, LLC.

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