1. Trade Show Booths for Dummies

    Trade Show Booths for Dummies

    OK. I didn't really write this *book...but I could!

    *Note: This book doesn't really exist.

    Chapter 1: Finally! We're ready for an upgrade from the pipe & drape booth surround and 8' banquet table you've been working with for years. You realize the *power* of branding and are prepared to take that next step and gain some marketing exposure. It's time – for a new trade show booth!

    Before you do anything – do some research on the trade show you're planning to be a part of and get the lay of the land. Think about what you'd like to "do" in your booth. Are you trying to showcase a product? Launch a product? (We posted a great article about product launch success - check it out by clicking here) Will there be some kind of demonstration? Contest and give-aways? (Tip: Check out our friends at Next Level Promotions and Fun Enterprises) Are you looking to place orders on-site? All of these questions (and a bunch more!) can help you do determine how to approach your booth design and ensure you get the biggest "bang for your buck."

    Some other questions to consider:

    1. Ask yourself where you'd like your display to be positioned. Do you prefer the end of a row? An island display? In your experiences as an attendee – what has drawn your eye to a particular vendor?

    2. Where are your competitors? Be sure to investigate so you won't be competing for attention when it comes to attracting attendees to your display.

    3. Are you exhibiting inside a union venue? Touch base with the show's General Contractor (i.e Freeman, Champion, etc.) on the "do's & don'ts" of what the processes are and READ THE EXHIBITOR HANDBOOK (Or hire someone who will).

    Likewise – if you're thinking of purchasing a booth for multiple shows, be sure to ask yourself these questions up front to get a head start on the process.

    1. Where will the booth be stored? Will it be shipped to various locations throughout the year? Make sure you factor these elements into your budget so they're not unexpected costs added to your bottom line.

    2. Does the booth need to be adaptable to different sizes and booth spaces for different shows? Ask your designer to help you find ways to augment the size, scale, and booth flow.

    3. Don't forget to ask your accountant about the tax benefits! The U.S. Government passed legislation that allows businesses to expense up to 50% of the cost of capital equipment in a single year rather than depreciate the cost over several years. Now's the time to maximize your branding initiatives!

    I hope this information was helpful. Remember, you can always give me a call with any questions or to start a conversation. I am here to help!

    Want to meet up? Check out our next MPI/NE meeting being held at Morton's Steakhouse in the Seaport District on April 18th! Be sure to go to www.mpine.org for more information! 


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