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    Idea Infusion

    As we push through the doldrums of winter (albeit a mild winter), I am noticing that many of my clients and colleagues are looking to be inspired by a fresh palette of ideas, concepts and designs to help bring their branding and marketing initiatives to life. In an effort to help with the inspiration, I put together a few tips to help re-frame the big picture in your mind...

    1. Stay connected to the industries outside of our own! To get a new perspective on bringing new ideas to the table, think outside the box and outside your realm of events. Check out web-posts, magazines, blogs, and even movies (Something tells me we are going to see a lot of Lorax themes popping up!) to see whats new and trendy:

    • Fashion - colors, fabrics, textures, accessories, makeup...It all makes up the "look."

    • Architecture & Interior Design - eco-chic, contemporary movements, water features, bold style- what creates your space?

    • Food & Beverage - organics, locally grown, savory/ sweet combos - what's on your plate to feed your palette?

    • Technology - channel your inner geek! What is the latest and greatest? Don't know? Ask the kids in your neighborhood. Here is an "inspiration board" and sample images that helped the design teams at VDA stay on top of the trend! Check out our Mondrian Lounge, a VDA Express package featured below! (couture not included)

    Inspiration board

    2. Tell a story. It's no secret that everyone loves a good story. Find a way to incorporate your company's beginnings into your event. What sets you apart from everyone else? Why is your company unique?

    3. Check out what others are doing. Take to your computer and look through some of your colleague's photos of events produced and find some inspiration. The new online tool "Pinterest" creatively collects and builds your own inspiration board. Share with friends, colleagues, and in no time, creative thoughts and ideas will be churning.

    If you have a comment you would like to share, or you would like to start a conversation about industry trends and what's new at VDA in 2012, please reach out to me! As always, I look forward to hearing from you!


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