1. Are Your Ready for Meetings v.2018?

    Are Your Ready for Meetings v.2018?

    The new American Express Meetings & Events Global Meetings and Events Forecast predicts reasons for cautious optimism for the coming year.

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    1. Safety and security are top of mind for everyone.
    2. They could be brand fanatics, reluctant attendees, tech-savvy networkers…it's important to understand the profiles of the different types of attendees you have so you can deliver a satisfying experience for all of your attendee profiles.
    3. Success begins with getting to know your audience members—what motivates them, what makes them engage or disengage. Tailoring your event design to create meaningful, personal connections with attendees will ultimately help you drive behavior change and create value for your business.
    4. Once you know the basics, you can optimize and enhance your meeting.
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