1. What You Need to Know About Attracting Influencers to Events

    What You Need to Know About Attracting Influencers to Events

    Influencer marketing is a concept that has been around a long time—think back to athletes on cereal boxes or celebrities...

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    1. Look at their personal interests outside of their profession, whether it's tied to a philanthropic organization or nonprofit that the brand is also passionate about. It's not only the surface stuff, but digging a little deeper to find the right fit.
    2. Ultimately what we like to do is to have that influencer have some skin in the game, if you will, with the actual execution.
    3. It's our job as event producers and experience curators that we have to give them something that's visual and something that's shareable, but something that allows them to find their eye and shoot it from their point of view.
    4. It might look great in person but not in a 4 by 4 shot on my phone.
    5. Do something that makes them want to keep talking and working with you so the relationship has longevity.
    6. If you are putting together an event that hits all the social points and is created for social content, you shouldn't have to pay for them to post—they should just want to.
    7. Whether it's the attendance alone, the attendance and a social post, any post-events—all of those parameters should be clearly detailed any time you're engaging in a pay-to-play situation.
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