1. Six B-to-B Event Insights from Year Two of eBay Open

    Six B-to-B Event Insights from Year Two of eBay Open

    With its Fill Your Cart with Color campaign as a backdrop, eBay hosted for a second year its largest seller event, eBay Open, at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, July 25-28. The event grew nearly 50 percent year-over-year at 1,400 seller-community attendees, and evolved from 2016 thanks to a stream of feedback—mirroring the backbone of eBay business and seller feedback.

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    1. I've never heard of another company using that term, so that was unique to us.
    2. We wanted sellers to meet early and often before the event was over so they'd have the opportunity to meet frequently again during the event and then hang out at the Thursday night party.
    3. They wanted us to incorporate more sellers, more experts into the program, so this was really crucial to the success of our event this year.
    4. We created a document and surveyed employees to capture insights that employees had learned from sellers, like this product needs to be this way, and so we gathered probably 100 bits of feedback through that.
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