1. 9 Tips for Using a Chatbot at Your Event

    9 Tips for Using a Chatbot at Your Event

    Chatbots are one of the hottest tech tools for marketing right now. Brands such as Patron, British Airways, American Express...

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    1. Think about what you name it, the personality you give it, how information is presented.
    2. It's not Siri and it's not Amazon Echo. This is a focused bot that is supposed to answer event-specific questions, for example about speakers, attendees, setting up meetings.
    3. We had a client that had a fun run and every time they tweeted about it, they would get questions in the bot.
    4. We encourage using them for high-value things, like notifying that a survey is available and providing a link to download it, or notifying about special elements such as the coffee bar is open. But use them cautiously, because people do get irritated.
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